From 1€ per day

100% protected against all disasters

Guarantee 0 Data loss

Made in France

A fixed budget whatever the duration of the contract
Illimited number of computers and servers saved 
Operational monitoring included

Support companies in their research of IT security and Data Protection is our job. That's why our prices include:

  - Dedicated help to find the proper solution for your organisation
  - Installation and Setup of the Box
  - Settings 
  - Personnel trainsing
  - Backup Continuity Plan
  - Backup's compliance to the GDPR
  - Operationnal Monitoring of the software and the hardware 
  - Proactive actions in case of an ancident 
  - Hosting of externalized data in French DataCenters


La plus complète des protections

A complete package for a real professional protection 

Wooxo understands SMEs issues about Data Protection and ensures:

- Immediate Data Access in case of a disaster
- Backup of the entire IT perimeter of the company, even laptops
- Quick recovery and almost no interruption of activity
- No human hazards since everything is automatized


Wooxo - L'excellence française

Amazing Features

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