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You can ask for a FREE and personalized CHECKUP on the phone in 20 minutes

One of our advisers will call you when you decide to give you advice on the nexts steps to the IT security of your company, and answer all of your questions.

  • Checkup of you computer facilities
  • Diagnosis of your weaknesses
  • Personalized advice to protect your company's data

Choose the right time slot for you or call us: +334 42 01 65 76

La sécurisation de votre informatique professionnelle

You are worried about the security of your IT systems but you lack time

If you have 20 minutes, we give you the good practices and concrete advices to help you ensure the security of your company's IT.

Protect your Data and be GDPR compliant

We know it's a difficult change to process and we are here to help you make the first steps towards GDPR compliance concerning Data Protection.

Protection de vos données et mise en conformité au RGPD

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